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operations questions Operations People ask...
marketing questions Marketing & Sales People ask...
  • What is my real market potential?
  • What are the best segments to target?
  • How do I rationalize the product range?
  • How do I sell my idea internally?
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inventor questions Inventors & Start Ups ask...
  • What is my real market potential?
  • What are the best segments to target?
  • How do I sell my idea to investors?
  • How big does my factory need to be?
  • How many people will I need?
  • How much capital is needed?
  • What are the critical processes?
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  remodel testimonials

"...I was able to make a major contribution to planning the future international site strategy because I had [reMODEL's Operations] Model in a few days..."
David Wild, formerly New Manufacturing Technology Manager, Johnson & Johnson

"With ...reMODEL I was able to [get]... executive board approval and release of funds for the product development process."
Global Marketing Director, US based multi-national healthcare supply company

'Bridge of Faith for Operations'
bridge of faith for operations book
reMODEL's methodology successfully proven over 20 years by companies worldwide.

 "..this [reMODEL] tool will help guide decision making and will improve profitability"
European Business Director, US based multi-national healthcare company

healthcare medical device diagnostics operations "453 projects not prioritized or quantified...it turned around to being a significant profit. It's just about identifying the vital few projects..."
Andrew Lowe, Director of Operations UK, Ortho-Clinical Diagnotics

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